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A customizable human resource software solution is an excellent tool for totally streamlining HR functions in your organization. Purchasing a multi-featured HR management system that caters to the specific needs and requirements of your company, regardless of its size, makes the management of tasks much easier.


The Webmyne human resource management software system has 3 basic modules which enable users to manage various recruitment processes, administrative responsibilities and other employee related functions. This software enables a greater degree of precision and flexibility and customizations can make sure that you get the desired results for your firm.


Our web based human resources management software derives its back end database from Microsoft's ASP.NET (4.0) in tune with MS-SQL SERVER 2008. The system has been provided facets that enable scalability and customization so that the client/partner can easily integrate different types of hardware such as smart card machines or Biometric devices for effectively recording employee attendance.


  • HR software can reduce manpower requirements
  • An easy to deploy and install application
  • System runs effectively on local servers/computers
  • HR management system has comprehensive feature rich modules
  • User friendly interfaces


The human resource management system software has been provided powerful, advanced safety mechanisms that enhance security to its users. Customization of this advanced human resources management system can ensure prevention of abuse, espionage or sabotage of vital organizational information. Inter-departmental communications can be instantly facilitated and the provision of a backup system ensures that there will be no loss of details because a user can fully rely on data storing and processing ability. 24/7 support is provided.