WalkInVirtualClinics is a portal for patients located in British Columbia, Canada by serving them with Virtual Doctor. The users can book the appointments in the available time slots. Patients has an option to choose Medical prescription & get the medicines delivered to their door steps. This portal has a restriction to only accept patients from British Columbia with a daily cap of 40—50.

Medical practitioners are available virtually at the specified time slot & ready to provide guidance to the patients.

Target Region – British Columbia, Canada

Target Audience – Every Patient 18+ Seeking Health Practitioner


From Marketing

Drive targeted Traffic to the website that generate qualified appointments.

  • Daily Email Campaigns to Drive Conversions & Branding
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Crafting Monthly / Quarterly Marketing Strategy
  • Maintaining Official Blog
  • Social Media Marketing – Organic
  • Planning & Execution of Google Campaigns
  • Daily Conversion / Appointments 40+
  • In-depth Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Setting Up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tracking
  • Updating Website with Fresh Contents
  • Improve Organic Traffic Month by Month

For Technical

Building the web property for the client as per their expectations

  • Optimize the Website for Fast Loading Speed
  • Developing the Website from Scratch
  • Uploading the Website on Server
  • Build a Booking-engine from Scratch with Real-time Notification
  • Creating the Services Pages
  • Creating Topic Specific Pages
  • Creating Geo-Location Pages
  • Making the Website Responsive


  • All the Marketing Channels were used to Promote to achieve the desired outcome i.e. Appointments
  • Strategy Suggested, Derived and Executed the way conveyed to the client.
  • Followed the Scope of Work derived initially with result-oriented approach
  • Initially the client’s objective was to get conversion, which was fulfilled via Paid Campaigns.
  • After 6 months of time-span Google PPC was Inactive
  • All the appointments were fulfilled through Organic Traffic
  • No. of Traffic is greater than the available Appointment Slots
  • Traffic, Conversion and Rankings doubled in 6 – 8 months of time span


  • Gain Targeted Traffic to the Website from British Columbia
  • Drive Conversions after first quarter from Organic Channel
  • User On boarding & User Experience
  • Get the Appointments from Google Paid Campaigns
  • Set Up Client Business as a Brand
  • Meet the Daily Appointment Target - 40+
  • Real-time Email Notification to Patient with Video Link to join the appointment