Software Testing

Comprehensive Mobile App Testing Services: Android App Testing, iOS App Testing, Web Based Application Testing

If you are looking for a cost-efficient web based application testing service then you are at the right place. Webmyne is one of the premier offshore web app development companies, which offer high quality services for designing, developing as well as testing fully customized applications for customers across the globe.

Here is a real opportunity to save time as well as money with our advanced iOS application testing services. Our web professionals and testers work with client’s team for developing strategies that give guaranteed results. Our specialists will handle the entire iOS app testing process and ensure that customers stay ahead of their competitors by employing the most innovative techniques.

Manual Software Testing

  • API Testing - Use our expert services for testing interfaces both forward and backward. Testing API of an interface forms a critical part of any software development process.
  • Functionality Testing - We also provide expertise for testing basic software functionalities which include links, forms & complicated features like database connections and integration of third party components.
  • Usability Testing - Our web specialists carry out inspections as part of testing process to evaluate and solve problems like errors, efficiency, flow, content checking, success rates, etc.
  • Compatibility Testing - Take advantage of our top quality testing services for solving issues related to compatibility of various browsers, operating systems, mobiles as well as printing options.
  • Performance Testing - We offer testing services for analyzing web loads, web stress, evaluation of app performance in different types of environment, user loads & activities, connection speeds, etc.
  • Security Testing - Our experts have knowledge and experience to solve problems arising due to security threats. Benefit with our security testing services if you have security issues.

Use Our Desktop And Server-Side QA Manual Software Testing Services

We extend desktop and server side manual QA testing services for variety of platforms. Our web professionals employ varied strategies depending on the type and size of platform. As a result, testing methodologies may vary as each software program has unique needs and accordingly, testing requirements will also be different.

  • Testing methods for desktop products - The testing strategies that are used for desktop products include functional, acceptance, security, usability, ad-hoc, performance, smoke & regression testing.
  • Testing methods for server side apps - The testing strategies that are used for server side apps include functional, acceptance, security, performance, usability, compatibility, integration, end to end, recovery testing, reliability as well as regression testing .

Online QA Software Testing

Webmyne offers the below mentioned mobile application testing services online.

  • Enterprise application testing - We are a quality assurance software testing company and so, we understand the importance of enterprise level applications. Along with a proficient team of QA experts, we also have supporting infrastructure & processes for optimizing testing of various business apps.
  • Web application testing help - We have a team of fully dedicated web testers and engineers who are well versed with advanced testing methodologies and make use of latest technology for web application development products.
  • Desktop application testing - We offer wide range of desktop testing services and have the knowledge as well as expertise backed by years of experience to do testing of different types of desktop apps.