Looking forward to increasing the sales for expanding your online DVD rental business? You have come to a one stop solution for all the needs of your online rental business. Webmyne is a leading provider of web based DVD rental system. We offer the most user friendly, easy to use, and all-in-one online software for your DVD rental store business. The Automated DVD rental store software that we offer is highly robust and equipped with all the advance features that could help your rental business to hit the competition increasing the ROI.

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Our feature rich online car rental management software has multiple functionalities as a result of which you may end up saving lot of money on your operating costs, improving productivity, smoothening the online booking procedure and thus, enhancing overall profitability of your car renting business apart from guaranteeing raising your return On Investment or ROI.

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MED2X is a medical ERP system, that supports a collaborative data management functions for small to medium sized medical enterprises including operations from a single physician's practice to a hospital, MED2X hospital management software can be adapted to suit many needs. Webmyne understands that off-the-shelf software are seldom completely satisfactory for the needs of medical businesses since there might be many custom features required. With this in mind, we made MED2X with a total open architecture, enabling complete customization.

  • Patient Management
  • Ward Management Pharmacy Management, Radiology Management & Laboratory Management
  • Integration with Insurance companies


A customizable human resource software solution is an excellent tool for totally streamlining HR functions in your organization. Purchasing a multi-featured HR management system that caters to the specific needs and requirements of your company, regardless of its size, makes the management of tasks much easier.

  • HR software can reduce manpower requirements
  • An easy to deploy and install application
  • System runs effectively on local servers/computers
  • HR management system has comprehensive feature rich modules
  • User friendly interfaces


Magic Survey Tool is a comprehensive, product for all online surveying needs. With a multiplicity of features available, this product provides a very robust platform for white-labeled online surveying

With our software, you have two choices: we can manage the whole solution for you including the surveying or you can do it all yourself or anything in between. To discuss all your options, feel free to contact us for further information through our contact center.


ERP software can be very expensive, licensing costs, implementation costs and customization costs that may make them too costly for the small companies who want to automate their business operations. Webmyne has developed full-featured ERP software that is affordable for any level of business from 5 employees to 500. Currently this software has been developed around manufacturing processes and operations but development of software that can be applied to business operations of all types is currently underway.

Other Custom Software


Our team is experienced in working closely with vehicle manufacturers and start ups to solve their hardware and software problems in the electric vehicle space. At Webmyne, we develop custom EV chargers to ensure your solutions' correct connection and charging.


Webmyne offer the unique, tailor-made management information system (MIS) development services for companies across the world.Our management information system provides relevant data to ease your decision making; it controls information overload by managing detailed facts and provides data clarity. MIS helps to measure the employee performance and enables to take decisions on organizational plans.


Document management software allows you to organize your digital documents and digitize existing paper records with ease. By integrating DMS software into your system, you improve your ability to handle, create, store, sort, organize, secure, and share your data and documents. At Webmyne, we offer custom Document Management Systems that will fit the needs of your organization.


Webmyne's recurring billing tool automates and streamlines businesses' billing operations by setting up different billing frequencies and billing cycles, customizing invoices for specific customers, setting up payment due dates and creating dunning and collections workflows. Make accounting and business workflows easier with custom recurring billing software.