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Fine tuning and customizing the client/partner's requirements

Communication is the key to fine tuning and customizing requirements. Many a business relationship has foundered when supplier and customer are not on the same page. Webmyne considers communication to be of paramount importance in providing products and services to its client/partners. Hours of development time and the possibility of hours spent revising and adjusting, can be saved by fully understanding what the client partner's requirements and need are.

Working out the requirement definition

Once we and our client/partner fully understand what the needs are to be met, we begin the process of requirement definition. What does the software, call center, survey tool or business ERP need to do, and how can we best achieve that end in the most satisfactory fashion and in the most economical manner. A solution which is not in line with the economic parameters that have been established is not an answer. It is an implicit goal in all that Webmyne does that we do it for the lowest cost and in the agreed upon time.

Designing the software

The next step in the process is when we begin the actual structuring of the software solution that will not only meet the customer's requirements for functionality but do it on price and on time. Our IT professionals, working in both India and Canada, contribute to the process and help us to meet our goals of providing the requirements on spec, on time and on budget.

Carrying out the development

The development stage of any services are overseen by one of the CORE team members in either Toronto or Vadodara. There is always a responsible party to make sure that any project Webmyne is working on is expedited so that nothing "falls through the cracks." Work promised will be work delivered, and if there is a problem the client/partner will be notified and an explanation provided by the person in charge of seeing the project to completion.

Integrating and testing the system

No system, software or service has any value if it does not work as it is supposed to. After we have completed the task for our partner/client whatever it may be the professionals at Webmyne will expend the necessary amount of time to integrate the system or software into existing architecture or hardware to assure that our solution will work under actual conditions. A product is of little use to a business if it fails to function under the conditions under which it will normally operate.

Installing and providing the training

The final step is the installation of the product or service. Webmyne wants to insure that what they have provided to our client/partner works for them in their environment. We believe that the only way to be assured that that will be a reality is by proper training. All staff that will have occasion to use the Webmyne product or service must be fully versed in how to use it before we are satisfied.