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Commodity Rentals is an industry-leading online rental software. Completely web-based, it can be run as a Point-of-Sale system also. With core verticals like, Video Game Rentals, Real Estate Rentals and Vacation Rentals already developed, Commodity Rentals becomes a natural choice for anybody who is looking to start or expand an online rentals business


Webmyne has developed a “core rental engine” which allows you start a rental business for virtually any commodity. Our system can be customized to suit any and all of your needs.


Our goal is to make the software work for your needs and so we provide complete customization services for your products, you name it, we can do it. To make it cost effective for our customers, we do not charge by the hour for our customization work, instead we provide a one time price for any custom work you need done.


We have already developed vertical-ready solutions for the following industries, these can be customized further or new verticals added to suit your needs:

  • DVD Rentals
  • Video Game Rentals
  • Real Estate Rentals
  • Vacation Rentals

To discuss your specific needs or to get a preview of our system, Contact us through our contact page To get more information, you can also visit our product website at: