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Webmyne is a developer and operator of a lead selling platform which is available for use in the buying and selling of sales leads. Its ground-breaking and wide-ranging approach allows its use to manage and sell in a single vertical or multiple verticals concurrently.

With market based pricing, protocols based on margins and configurable lead purchase and sales parameters built upon architecture capable of handling traffic or pings in immense quantities this sales platform is truly state of the art. It has been in use for several years and is the basis of several of the largest lead buying and selling operations. It is available on a per lead basis or licensed and installed on your choice of server, no set-up fees, or charges for customization. months of free support is included with an annual license.


  • Scalable high performance platform
  • Process capacity of millions of leads per day
  • Server response to ping in less than one second
  • fully customizable for multiple configurations, lead filters and verification
  • Direct dealer/buyer post as per ping or alternate criteria
  • Fixed margin $ or %
  • Ease of use for monitoring tools and easy vendor spec implementation
  • Support of multiple endpoints-Web service, Form Post, Query String Or XML
  • Fully capable of integrating additional lead verticals
  • Capacity to communicate with affiliate stats programs
  • Availability of Administrative, Buyer and Seller Statistics