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Mine the Social Media with Webmyne!

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Building Your Business with Social Media Marketing!

Though social media sites began as a way for people to inform and keep informed about the happenings of life, they have become a powerful tool for business as well. Like the interest that people have in each other's lives, the latest news and other information passed through social media can also be a powerful tool in brand marketing, introducing new products or assisting in SEO efforts to build traffic to your website. Social media is a "catch-all" term for many different sites which all have particular interest groups in mind. So it's important to have a partner who understands Facebook marketing, company that knows Pinterest marketing, Twitter marketing as well as Webmyne does!

Social Media Integration Doesn't Cost it Pays!

There are few things in life that are free but social media campaigns give you a lot of "bang for your buck" by giving you the following:

  • Keeping your company in the minds of your selected audience with SEO optimized keyword and a carefully planned schedule of updates!
  • Reaching a wider potential audience than more traditional methods.
  • Improving website traffic, gains on SERPS pages which you can turn into greater sales and profits.

Social Media Management Ideas You Should Know About and Include!

  • Incorporating your Twitter stream into your website not just applying a Twitter logo button catches your visitor. Incorporate the ability to access their Twitter accounts without having to leave your site! Don't know how? Ask Webmyne!
  • Facebook accounts can be handled in a way similar to that mentioned above. Remember that the search engines are now taking into account the data they extract from social media sites!
  • Your website needs to be the "go to" place for everything that involves your business including your social media optimization efforts!
  • You want them to share your name and the content on your site, make the content worth sharing and then set up your site to make it easy! Don't know how? Ask webmyne!
  • If live streaming is in your oeuvre, make it available on your site! Centralizing all your social media campaigns on your website is just good brand management!
  • Social media supported by methods to allow your visitors to socialize and share makes dollars and sense! Chat functions and reporting the number of people on site at any given time make your visitors feel like they are on to something!
  • Finally, if you are using social media services keep them updated! Twitter or Facebook accounts that go for weeks or months without being updated aren't good for business. If you can't keep up the help of a social media services company like webmyne can help! See our contact page ask Webmyne!
  • YouTube has increasingly become a tool for the 21st century internet marketer and any use should include:
    • Short, simple, interesting videos work best- too long too boring and your visitor is gone!
    • Stay on topic, throwing in the whole alphabet is fine for soup, but not in video marketing.
    • Brand your content and videos, if you want visitors to share make sure they share your brand as well!
    • Leave 'em laughing, humor works! Make them laugh with you and they won't forget you!
    • Promotion of the videos on your website keeps them with you longer and increases the chance they'll be back!
  • LinkedIn marketing? Company ideas might include:
    • If you have a company page use it for updates, promotion, and audience building. No page? Get One!
    • Know what groups you're customers in? Join up and be a presence! Or, set up your own!
    • Content sharing if industry relevant will keep you in their mind!
    • Encouragement from friends and colleagues attracts more friends and colleagues!
    • Listen, Participate and ask for recommendations!
    • Use LinkedIn services and Monitor your impact on Linked in by analyzing followers, joiners and their level of engagement!
  • Pinterest marketing tips?
    • What's your objective? What do you want it to do? Then use it accordingly!
    • Be Pin friendly! Place a pin it button on your site!
    • Establish Expertise
    • Cross promote and go multi-media
  • Google Plus marketing ideas?
    • Profile completion, essential! Be real, first impressions are lasting!
    • Content sharing- Google Plus indexes it, improve your visibility!
    • Google Plus community start-up, not in one, ten start one!
    • Hangout hosting is a way to launch product, product demos and give webinars

That's a long list to take in and a lot of information, but if you need help go to our contact page and let Webmyne show you how to include or improve your use of the social media resources that are available to you!