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Webmyne, An SEO Services Company With A Process!

Search Engine Optimization Strategies That Work!

Successful people in successful companies begin with a plan. Webmyne doesn't begin to assist its client/partners with website optimization without first devising a plan either. In fact, with our decade long record we have developed a group of SEO strategies and procedures which continue to result in client success.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze!

The first thing that our SEO experts will do is analyze your company's current website. From this, significant pieces of information can be obtained to help us start our SEO ranking services. Things like:

  • Website structure and frequency of indexing
  • Current ranking, domain age
  • Current website traffic and keywords driving that traffic
  • Frequency of content updating
  • Existing keyword density

Keywords are The Key!

The term keyword describes terms which are most frequently used in queries that deal with the particular product or service of the SEO client. Finding a set of phrases which are frequently used in organic searches but not as frequently on the competitions pages is the delicate work that produces the best results. There are online tools and analytics available to assist in this process of choosing useful words and phrases that will return results to your website more frequently than the competition. Keyword ranking is another service of Webmyne!

Strategizing for Success!

A plan requires strategies to achieve a successful outcome. On page optimization is no exception. In setting up a strategy for success, some of the steps are as follows;

  • Develop the keyword list for the website
  • Decide upon the changes needed in the website itself
  • Determine if content changes are needed and what they should be
  • Link strategy including types and sources
  • Establish Blog or RSS strategy
  • What, How and When? The Action Plan

Info Rich Sites Pay Dividends! Content is the Key!

As those who have followed SEO no doubt know, Google came under criticism for its lack of content when people searched for information about a given product or service. They responded to that criticism by downgrading those websites which were concerned mostly with a sales pitch or had been keyword stuffed or heavily linked to irrelevant or spammy content.

The result of the Penguin and Panda guidelines re-emphasized the need for high quality content which is information rich, and related to your product or service. This approach benefits a website in two ways searchers stay longer and search engines will have more information on your products and services to store. That translates to higher rankings and greater visibility for you! Here are some tips about optimization and content:

  • Page Titles, make them say something! A phrase targeted to the pages content is a better bet than a cheery hello!
  • A text based navigation system is a must, search engines don't read images and you want to ensure all your website gets "seen!"
  • Keyword or key phrase placement is important, get it in the headline rather than hidden halfway down the page! It will affect your ranking!
  • Site Maps can't be an afterthought, a text link to your home page ensures that your entire site gets indexed.
  • The importance of ALT and META data, though unseen by the searcher they help improve your visibility to the search engine.
  • Cleaning the code, removal of navigation rollover script, other JavaScript based code and all CSS scripts and placing them into external files improving your code to text ratio and boosting your rankings.

Developing Helpful Links!

Link development is much like networking in the sense that the more links you can establish with other sites the more your website will get traffic. Traffic builds rank, how popular you are in part determined by how popular the websites with whom you are linked. There are two types of link partner to seek, one way partners like directories and the other is a reciprocal link a sort of "you scratch my back and I"ll scratch yours." Links can be bought but it"s not clear if the major search engines accept this kind of link as a rank builder.

Building Your Link Network!

A link building strategy is one of the services offered by Webmyne. Its importance to rank building in SEO cannot be overemphasized, particularly the necessity for quality links. One of the many reasons that websites saw a significant drop in traffic and ranking after Penguin was because of inappropriate links. A website wants more inbound links than outbound and only quality related links for reciprocals. This takes time and effort and is definitely best handled by people familiar with both your website and other websites that are related. The professionals at Webmyne can help!

Social Media? Webmyne Can Optimize and Integrate!

As social media become more the way in which information gets passed and things get done, Webmyne offers services to keep your social media accounts updated with the latest information. In this rapidly changing environment nothing will kill your message more quickly than a failure to keep current. Yesterday is not now and if you're not NOW, you're not anything! Service of these accounts can be critical to your message and brand, let Webmyne take care of social media optimization for you!

Monitor, Maintain and Modify!

The team at Webmyne doesn't just get your website optimized with keywords and phrases, enriched with helpful content, linked with appropriate other websites and directories and integrated with your social media they monitor, maintain and modify those efforts to ensure that your website draws searches and keeps drawing searches. They will provide reporting which will allow you to see the activity as well as planning for products and services which can enhance your success. If modification is required they can assist with those changes that keep your site well ranked by the search engines!

Webmyne Reports

As you work with Webmyne to improve your website with SEO optimization, Webmyne will provide reports to you that cover the following:

  • Statistics on your sites visibility.
  • Keyword ranking data.
  • Listings of the top 10 websites in your category.
  • A summary of your websites position.
  • Tracking data to show trends over time to allow planning.

Put Webmyne's SEO professional to work for you today! See our contact page to get started!