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Hire Dedicated Resources

Webmyne understands that IT needs change. Hiring in house personnel and setting up the infrastructure is expensive. What if you could hire a team of highly skilled experts on an as needed basis?

Webmyne offers a team of IT specialists that

  • A range of skills, with experts conditioned to working as a team oriented staff. No need for you to hire, house, tie up assets and supervise its operation
  • Our transparent reporting system keeps you informed at all times
  • Set up can take as little as 24 hours

Don’t need an entire team? Want more control over who works with you? Webmyne understands and can provide

  • A resource Manager who will discuss your needs , how Webmyne may best serve them
  • Perhaps a single professional meets your needs. We can provide a CV, set up an interview and let you choose

Webmyne pledges to always provide

  • Weekly or Monthly plan approval
  • Hours logged by clients preferred method
  • Providing any delays experienced with a valid reason
  • Maintaining clients code and data security
  • 24/7 availability for reporting emergencies with timely assistance
  • Replacement of personnel for valid reasons

Why employ Webmyne?

  • Nearly two decades of experience in IT services worldwide
  • More than 100 staff members in two locations
  • Microsoft Gold Partners
  • Laravel, Drupal, magneto and WordPress Developers
  • Shopify partners
  • Highly skilled resources to manage cloud services
  • Tested resource working with international standards
  • Availability in different time zones
  • Hourly or monthly working flexibility