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Small Business ERP: Manufacturing Centric Software

ERP software can be very expensive, licensing costs, implementation costs and customization costs that may make them too costly for the small companies who want to automate their business operations. Webmyne has developed full-featured ERP software that is affordable for any level of business from 5 employees to 500. Currently this software has been developed around manufacturing processes and operations but development of software that can be applied to business operations of all types is currently underway.


The ERP software has a total of 11 modules including HR, Accounting, Store, Manufacturing, Process, etc. For the manufacturing industries whose core business is casting and forging, our system will work over 90% off-the-shelf, minimum customizations will be required. For all other manufacturing industries, we have found over 50% off-the-shelf utility with the remainder being customized to your needs.


Built with the latest Microsoft Technologies, this software is a complete web-based application that can work in any browser. The software has been tested as an intranet application but also works as a standalone application. Our flexible DB and application architecture allows for easy customizations and robust application deployment.


An ERP system can automate your business completely. With a central repository, all data is stored in one place and accessed from the same place. Decision making will be a simpler process when all available data can be brought into the discussion. Contact Us to see how we can make this happen for you.


You will find that Webmyne's ERP software is more than competitive in the marketplace, with our product more than 50% less in some cases. We believe in making software that works for you and affordability is a key part of that. Contact Us to arrange for a demo and learn more about our pricing.


We provide unparalleled technical support for our products, every purchase comes with a full 90 day "backbone" support warranty, which covers the software in its entirety. If a problem should develop, our designers and engineers are there to help. Purchasing our software also includes full employee training, installation and hardware architecture design and deployment. We can even assist you in getting the right hardware.

To discuss your specific needs or to get a preview of our system, feel free to call us or Contact Us through the contact center. For more information regarding this software product please visit our product website: