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Vishal Shah


To Vadodara (Baroda) India, Vishal Shah brought his technological training and leadership with the founding of With a Mechanical Engineering degree, he honed his technical skills as a junior programmer in the USA’s capitol. Now operating primarily from Webmyne’s Canadian office he has expanded upon his technological expertise with his partnering skills offering them to internet businesses worldwide. continues to support thriving internet businesses by being a strategic partner who provides both technological and marketing expertise.

Chirag Brahmbhatt

VP-Operations (India) - Microsoft Technologies

As a trainee programmer hired when was founded, the spirit that propelled him to Vice President of Operations in our India office continues to energize the efforts that he will make to enhance your company’s success. Chirag’s CV includes a B.S. in Commerce and a Masters in Computer management.

Manish Nakum

VP-Operations (India) - Open Source Technologies and Product Services

Manish is the other half of the core of our India operations management team. As a Junior Programmer Manish has helped to guide in its growth as well as that of the many business partners with whom he has worked. Both he and Chirag represent in their success at Webmyne, the type of relationship Webmyne wishes to forge with its customers. Manish’s CV includes a B.S. in Chemistry with a Masters in Computer Applications.

Sapan Bhatt

VP - Online Marketing and HOD Call Centre

Sapan leads a team of online marketers and SEO professionals whose job is to implement Webmyne’s lead generation and online marketing. His experience and careful monitoring of the latest trends make his contribution an important part of’s success. Sapan’s CV includes a B.S. in Commerce and a Master’s in Marketing Management.

Bharat Panchal

Team Leader - Open Source Technologies

Bharat leads a team of 7 programmers and is a highly skilled programmer in Open source technologies. The commitment which has marked his rise to the Team Leader position is the same sense of purpose which allows him to fulfill our customer’s projects and deadlines. Bharat’s CV includes a B.S. in Information Technology.