Webmyne effectively manages multiple manufacturing units and helps in batch planning execution and monitoring. The add-ons also helps to calculate stage wise production and stage wise quality. Certified by SAP, this add-ons helps in scrap and by-product management, batch product forecasting and batch costing management.


As an extension to the core ERP software, Webmyne's Plant Maintenance Add-On facilitates organizations to address multiple issues related to preventive action, material dent, machine breakdown action and shutdown action. Further, this add-ons facilitate you to see the cost involved for the maintenance of a machine along with AMC and Warranty tracking.


This add-on will send notifications, alerts, status and transactional updates on WhatsApp and SMS. This could be related to sales quotation, sales order, outgoing payments, incoming payments, purchase order, and payment reminder. This helps business users to stay vigilant at any point of time.


This add-on is used to quickly look up inventory information and details such as multiple warehouse locations, items on orders, vendor code, list code and so on. Whether you need to manage a single retail location, operate a multi-retail chain, it manages multiple 'in-progress' transactions.


This add-on is fully equipped to handle common industrial challenges of subcontracting like BOM level detailing and tracking & issuing receipts against job work orders. The solution empowers the top management to remove the cumbersome manual labor in job tracking and replace it with automation.


This add-on empowers customers to automate and simplify HR operations with an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard in SAP Business One. With this add-on, it becomes simpler to meet all statutory compliances and manage all financial records right from hiring to FnF.


This add-on allows for payment transaction data derived from credit/debit card or other electronic payments (such as those made over the Internet or on mobile devices) to automatically flow into a business' accounting or SAP System when a sale is made.


This add-on allows you to schedule an auto email follow up in a timely manner. With this add-on, you can even set up a sequence of emails on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom time intervals as per your comfort and business needs.


This add-on facilitates organizations to address multiple issues related to quality checks, rejected stock, on-hold stock, and can easily perform individual items and multi-level and multi-version quality test. This add-on is scalable enough to accommodate the SAP Business One version changes including the Patch Level updates.


This add-on effortlessly handles license management, license consumption, export promotion scheme, pre & post shipment document and manages end to end license process from application assignment, consumption and status management to history. This add-on also offers one stop solution for the efficient management of export & import.


Now digitally sign invoices, delivery orders, consignment orders, vendor management and other documents with just a few clicks. With this module, it becomes quite easy to authenticate that the invoice created by a known sender and that the message was not altered in transit.


This add-on helps users to define Transporter master and default transporter at the company and business master level. This helps to fill Part B information as required for EWB generation. Moreover, EWB JSON gets automatically generated as soon as the relevant transaction is added in SAP Business One and directly uploaded to the Government site without any hassle.